Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yes I got 3 blog awards!Thank you so much to Myrted for passing these lovely awards! And thank you for loving and reading my blog! Nakakaflatter that I am little by little discovering the readers of my blog. Most of you just apporach me, and I love that you don't hesitate at all. So to my other blog readers out there, do not be afraid or get shy in communicating with me, you know where to find me anyway :) hehe! :) I am harmless! 

Anyway before putting these badges on my awards tab, I need to share 6 random things about me. I have done some lists of random things about myself but nevertheless here are 6 more:

1. I am a big fan of Michelle Branch as in I want to ride a magic carpet now and go to her place. haha!
2. I love to cook and experiment but I am no chef, thus...
3. I love to eat! I eat rice from breakfast to merienda but I do not eat dinner. Simply means I am pigging-out all day til 6pm then after it no more eating haha!
4. I am a budget keeper. I'd like my money to be spent wisely and as much as possible I try to save 20% of my salary, though what is only advisable according to money experts is 10% haha! Imagine gano ako kakuripot haha!
5. I love to sing I could live an entire day inside a ktv room haha!
6. I cut my own bangs and never thought of vanishing it. I just love it!

And now to pass this award...

Arnie of Raid my Closet
Aubrey of Everyday I deal with Blah
Michelle of Mitch wears clothes
Vanessa of Voguely Van
Jonessa of Scarlet April



  1. Aww, you deserve it love. Congratulations! :)

    We have a lot od similarities. :D I also love to cook and experiment with what's in the fridge. I am also kuripot. Haha!!! :D


  2. OMG Thank you so much, sis! :) This made my morning. Nakaka-flatter! Haha! Can't wait to see you on Friday. ♥

    Btw, I'm a big fan of Michelle Branch, too. I can sing her songs the whole day! :)) Maybe we should try bonding sa KTV room, I love singing, too (hope it loves me back though).


  3. congrats on the awards! ;) you deserve it!

  4. "I cut my own bangs and never thought of vanishing it. I just love it!"

    Ako rin! XD And congrats! :)

  5. Visiting your blog is a habit I cant break. :) Which only means that, you're one hell of a great blogger and those awards-- you deserve it more than anyone else! :)

    And oh! I cut my own bangs too it just doesn't look as pretty as yours :D Loveyou! :*

    Lets eat-all-you-can "LUNCH" hahaha ;)

  6. thank you so much ladies! Nkakataba ng puso to read your warm comments! :)


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