Monday, August 8, 2011


Finally! I was able to attend again another blogger event after passing a lot of invites in the last few months because of my busy schedule! Thank God that Glam Camp suits my sched, and I thought going to  the event will be a good thing for me to spend time for myself! 

Before blogging on a separate post how the event went through, here's what I wore that day, taken by my chikahan sister Ana! Thanks much Ana!
I wore something comfy yet stylish. I feel like I am little by little discovering my style. Actually this outfit is an inspiration from one of Miroslava Duma's pregnancy outfits! I know my and her outfit does not really look alike but I tried to recreate her outfit and this is the result.

After spending 3 hours or more in Glam Camp, I went home alone and decided to eat at SM North. Sadly, most of the restos are full, so I opted to eat sandwich instead at The Sandwich Guy. I swear you'll love their sandwiches too! So yummy! I ordered grilled 4 cheese sandwich and orange juice! Yum!

And here's my newest pair of boho sandals! I love thong sandals a lot and I got this from Tomato! :)

I wore this pair to Glam Camp, and it's so comfy! 

That's it for now, need to rest na. I need to wake-up early tomorrow to finish my work stuffs before lunch time, because the whole family will be out for Marise's birthday celebration tom!


animal-printed top- thrifted
maxi skirt- thrifted
sandals- Tomato
bangles- gift from hubby


  1. i love your outfit denise! i have a similar skirt, but mine's a midi. =D

    I Am Dollparts

  2. Beautiful, sis!! :) Can't wait to see photos from Marise's celebration! Fun fun!


  3. Love your skirt!

    I wish I was there too kaso I'm not invited! huhu And I was on a shopping ban just like you! If I knew na we're both on a shopping ban pala, I couldve gone there and met you and then we can help each other resist temptations! LOL.

    Anyway, next time! Hope to meet you soon Denise! xoxo


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