Sunday, August 7, 2011


Attended the Glam Camp event yesterday with Aubrey! I still can't get enough of the amazing experience with her and with our blogger friends plus the fast that most of the stalls there are for kakikayans and all! haha! I even tried the free upper lip hair waxing of STRIP! It was my first and will share some photos with you soon haha!

For now here are the loot bag and freebies I got plus some stuffs I bought from the bazaar!
such a pretty bag and I think this will be overused in  the next couple of days! THANKS MS. MILETTE FOR INVITING ME! :)
the bag has a pocket infront which I love! I can put my coins in there! Very accessible when you are a commuter like me!
then some freebies I found inside the bag! I love everything inside and I am excited to use them all!
these are the only things I bought for myself coz I am on a shopping ban! sayang ang daming pretty clothes but I have to fight my itch to shop! Well atleast I got myself feather earrings I bought from different shops! The colorful feather earrings cost P75 and the pair of black feather earrings for P80 only! I didn't get the name of the store where I bought the colorful feather earrings  but it's from Mitch's store, then the black feather earrings  I got it from Pinkpumshop
of course I bought bags of cookies and banana muffins for Marise! She actually finished one bag of star cookies in one sitting! Sarap daw! haha!
 She even asked me too take her photos so Athan could see her eating the cookies! She was sad because she wasnt' able to come (I didn't bring her with me coz I went to Glam camp through MRT lang ) but she's hoping to play again with Athan! Here she is enjoying and munching the cookies!

hahaha! I enjoyed the Glam Camp so much! Will post more photos and my outfit for that day on the coming days! :) 


  1. @Brie M: thank dear! :) Daldal yan hehe

  2. Super adorable ni baby!! :) Haha! Glad that you enjoyed the Glam Camp!! ♥

  3. Cool! Planning to go there later! Uhh, what's the range of the price of the items being sold there? Medyo shopping ban din kasi eh. Hihi :))

  4. @Karlitapatreng: hi sis! affordable naman mga tinda don kasi mostly mga bloggers and online shops nagititinda. the one's mga overpriced (well on my opninion) ay ung mga mejo high-profile brands, :)

  5. I went today, sayang I didn't see you!!

  6. awww i want those feather earrings too! ^__^

    And guess what!? Your cutie daughter and I have the same play kitchen set! LOL. She's soooo cute!!!


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