Friday, July 8, 2011


 We didn't let the Transformers wave pass us! Even though we were not able to see it on the first week of its showing, we still managed to watch the film just the other day! We've seen the other two, and this one's got me more addicted to it! (Hey any part 4?) haha! But Megan Fox is really better than Rosey Huntington- Whiteley. She's hotter for me! :)

Anyway before heading to the cinema, hubby and I ate at Racks Resto (a new fave now) ordered two slabs of boneless grilled pork, rice and side dishes! Heavy early dinner for us two! Well we still implement 6pm diet time even we are outside! haha!

black top-Eastwood bazaar/lace skirt-hubby's gift/flats- B club/necklace- Simone's Closet

Wore something girly coz I thought we could take photos outdoors, but apparently the weather is getting bipolar and bipolar everyday, hence, these indoor photos. I wore already the lace skirt hubby gifted to me! It's so pretty and it fits me well! I know it's cold inside the cinema so I brought with me my moto jacket, which was not captured in the photos.
one of the necklaces I am doing! Made from recycled cloth! :)

Ended the night mesmerized by the film! I am now dreaming of having a transformer! Preferably Bumble Bee! haha! Such a sweet car! :)

Have a nice day to all! Will post  the special prizes from Thrift Bar and Artsy Outlet later! 

If you have not join my birthday giveaway yet, please do join now! It would make me really really happy! If you could help me spread the word about it, I will treasure it a lot! THANKS AGAIN!


  1. the skirt is beautiful! your bf's got taste! haha! =)

  2. Love your outfit! The skirt is so <3 :)

  3. I love bumble bee too! That was my son's theme sa party nya..:) You look so adorable! And thank you for the comment, looking forward to Marise's birthday photos..<3



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