Sunday, July 31, 2011

SUNDAY MUSIC: Coldplay by Viva La Vida

Hello everyone! Another rainy Sunday again.  Well this song is currently on top of my playlist now. I dunno why but it fits my mood and the bed weather hehe! :)  Tomorrow's August already and a few days more is Marise's birthday! Yay! I hope on her birthday week, it will be sunny so we could enjoy our plans. 

I am thinking of going out today, but don't know where. I badly miss attending to events. I wish I got invites soon hehe! I miss my blogger friends. 


PS: to the winners of my giveaway, I will send you an email in a while. CONGRATULATIONS once again! :)

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  1. oh i love coldplay and this song. their music is so relaxing and lovely, just love it! chris martin has incredible voice.

    and you too have a wonderful monday!!:)


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