Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was sick since Monday with fever, cough and colds, but work has to be done especially that I am a blogger for a company. Articles should be posted and all accounts should be updated, but I find it enjoying even though I am sick, because I tend to fight my illness rather than sleep all day and cultivate my weakness. Ako na ang workaholic! haha! Pero mahirap pa rin magconcentrate pag may sakit ka. Buti na lang I was able to come up with good articles just in time before I get dead-hot with fever. 
I was wearing my pajama and my sweater for three days, and Gatorade and Strepsils has been my daily intake, add to that Tempra Forte and Neozep. I am not used to getting sick because I seldom feel this bad, I guess once a year?! haha ganon ako ka-healthy! But thank God I am doing fine now! I just came home from a check-up and a meet-up with a shopper to deliver her items. Will blog about it on the coming days.

I hope everyone is doing great, and I hope you're not sick too! Stay safe and dry kahit na maulan! 

PS: I am still validating the entries to the giveaway along with the sponsors, if ever I got a signal from them, I can draw the winners tomorrow and will announce it on Saturday! Are you excited already??!!! Coz I am! haha! :)

cover-up Simone's Closet
dress- thrifted
pumps- Parisian
necklace-Simone's Closet


  1. I'm the same way when I get sick; I refuse to give in to the germs. :D

  2. Glad you're feeling better Denise! Loving the coverup btw! =)

    I Am Dollparts

  3. @ Meream I agree with you, sometimes over-resting could cultivate more the sickness right? :)

    @ Jed: thank you so much! The cover-up is for sale at my shop but was sold already :) perfect for the rainy weather :)

  4. gorgeous!! :)))


  5. lovely dress! <3

    I'm a new follower. hope you can check out my blog too. :)


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