Friday, July 29, 2011


Marise and I are one of the biggest fans of Bangis haha! I love animals and even wild animals too! Bangis is  harmless and not to mention a talking alligator, so cute! haha! And so after recovering from fever, cough, and colds, we went today at SM San Lazaro to visit Bangis! Lucky for us because it's near our house! Marise loves Bangis so I cannot say no to her request to go see the super big alligator!

Here are some of the photos:
it's really obvious she's excited to see Bangis! Well una lang naman kame sa pila haha!
Bangis is as big as a bus! See how tiny Marise is, and how easy for an alligator this big to swallow a human? Good thing Bangis is just a paper mache' :)
Marise is shouting at the kids trying to touch Bangis, feeling nya kanya lang si Bangis. haha!
she even dared to ride at Bangis' back haha! with of course her trademark smile haha!
she doesn't want to go home yet haha! She even told me to bring home Bangis! yay! 

I wasn't able to bring the DLSR because I am still weak to hold heavy things (still gaining back my energy) btw, here's what I wore... feeling safari so I wore my animal-print blazer. :)

While typing this post, Marise approached me and said, "we should go back tomorrow and I'll ride at Bangis' back again!" haha! 

PS: I need to trim my bangs already, it's covering my eyes. :)

animal-print blazer- thrifted
long top-random brand
leggings- online find
loafers- Pill
bracelet- gifted


  1. ooh i love the animal print blazer!
    how cute naman your baby! game na game mgpapicture!

  2. Sucha cute kid.. :)
    And lovin' your outfit.. :)

  3. Girl naloka naman ako. My boyf handles those Bangis event thingies, haha. He was probably there when you went. :p


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