Sunday, June 12, 2011

SUNDAY MUSIC: Runaway by The Corrs

Hey guys how was your weekend? Well mine's very good cause  I got to meet again my college barkada last night after I went to an exclusive meeting. By the way I got some photos to share with you this week so stay-tuned! Plus my birthday is coming sometime early in JULY so watch-out for a giveaway! 

PS: I am looking for sponsors who would like to give anything on the birthday giveaway I am planning. Just me send me an email if you want. :)

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to you all! Well I leave you with a song I am currently listening to, it's Runaway by The Corrs. I love the violin sound thus I am planning take violin lessons along with my baby Marise. hehe! See you tom on my 8th day JUNE CHALLENGE! :) 

Good night everyone! :)

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