Saturday, June 11, 2011


haha wala si hubby ko sya kasi kumuha ng picture :)
Let me quote someone's line I saw in FB regarding TRUE FRIENDS. True friends are hard to find to and hard to lose. Yes it's true! It took me almost 18 years before I met these people. We've had lots of weird happenings, happy stories, and not to mention some petty fights and even serious ones. Add to that, love relationships that sprouted from friendship (guess from the photo who these two people I am talking to haha!) Still, no matter how complicated situations are, they are always there. It's a good thing to say that even though you are not seeing each other's faces everyday of your lives just like what you used to be back in college days,  you know you have these bunch of people to run to anytime 24/7 haha. And I think that what makes a true friend, or in my case a true barkada! :)

I cannot wait to see you again! :)

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  1. aww happy friends! hihi that's what i call my certain barkada in school :) Love the pictures. You and maris look so fasssyon!


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