Monday, June 6, 2011

JUNE CHALLENGE DAY 4: Red Blazer and tiered skirt


red blazer- thrifted
white tiered skirt- online buy
striped inner top- c/o Ann
red flats- B Club
denim bag- custom made
necklace- random brand

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Mine's a happy one since I got to meet my college barkada last Saturday  then I just spent the entire Sunday sleeping and playing with Marise then watched Avatar on Star Movies. 

Anyway, here's my day 4 under my JUNE CHALLENGE. I suddenly felt like I wanted to wear something so girly yet school-y hence a tiered skirt plus blazer combo. I always feel so girly whenever I wear short (a couple of inches above my knees) skirt most especially when it is tiered. I found this outfit so very much appropriate for school since it looks so preppy plus comfy too. The blazer is not that thick so you won't really feel so hot when you wear it. Plus the skirt is not that short and very much appropriate for universities with strict dress codes. :)

See the denim sack bag? A friend of mine custom-made it and we are currently making a project on it. It's perfect for school since you can put a lot of things. If you want to have one you could comment under and we could make one for you.

So here ya go my 4th day of back-to-school outfit! How about you would you prefer wearing skirts to school?


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