Monday, June 27, 2011


Let me share to you the photos I have last week,  when I went to the mall with Marise. I saw these photos while clearing some space in my camera's SD Card. Here's what I wore when we went for some toy shopping. Opted for something comfy and casual.
black top from hubby/ newspaper pants from mom/sandals random brand/ bangles random brand
Our house is really filled with toys, particularly cooking/kitchen set toys! Well Marise is fond of watching Barefoot Contessa, and Everyday Italian (I know right, cooking show for moms! well Marise is just so happy when she watch these two) and she imitates how these master chefs on how to slice, roll, mix, and bake something. I really think she will be a good chef someday!

Well here's what Marise whore that day...

Then let me share to you our FRO-YO bonding! I treated her with a delicious dessert after I had a meet-up with my client last week. So here are the photos, sorry no outfit photo since nobody will take it for me hehe.

Awww I will forever treasure these days with her! I cannot wait to see her shop with me and borrow my clothes but for now, I just enjoy every second with Marise! I love you! :)


  1. Hi Denise! Cool pants!

    ...and I'm jealous of how long your hair is! (gaaah, hair I command you to grow longer NOW!) :P

  2. aww love the girl bonding!:) love the pants too!

  3. hi denise! i followed you now.. thanks for the comment :)


  4. @Ninin: that's really a cool pants! my mom used to wear it during her early 20s hehe and yeah my hair is really long and it needs much shampoo and conditioner and a lot of arm strength to brush it well! haha

    @ava: thanks! I can't wait to have more bonding with her! :)

    @sol: thanks for following me too! :)

  5. miss denise where did u get you nice satchel bag?


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