Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So this is again another backlog post hehe but I just wanted to share  the dinner I had with my barkada at Banapple Ayala Triangle! After heading to an important conference, I met-up with my barkada and had some catching-up moments while munching on yummy dinner! But before I get bloated here's what I wore that night (the camera didn't give enough justice to it agh ) I love this lace dress/top that I thrifted weeks ago.
indigo lace dress-thrifted/leggings-SM/flats- B club/vest-online find/accessories-random brands

Here are some of the photos we have that night. I really enjoyed the yummy dinner with my barkada! Not only your stomach is full but your heart also! Eventhough we were not complete, we still ended the night with our hearts full of laughter and stories :)
with my forever barkada Adrie and Gracie! 
the big serving of my Chicken breast parmigiano 
with hubby who surprisingly came eventhough he's not feeling well. :)

HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN MY FRIENDS! Hopefully after my birthday! :) 


  1. The food looks so yummy!! my god, that 6th picture is making me hungry hahaha nice dress btw! love that you paired it with a vest! :)

  2. hi sister! ang cute ng dress:) galing mo tlga masg shop:) sure! oo naman. pdeng pde. its my pleasure:)


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