Wednesday, May 11, 2011


And yes you see it right! I guess you were all thinking why I am AGAIN wearing this black lace dress. I cannot contain myself from using it and styling it different ways because I know I could think of more ways to wear it. So this time I chose to wear this LBD under my shorts and I love how this outfit looks like.

And I wonder why my camera registered my photos so weird?? Have you notice it too? My legs and my shoes look blurred Agh! I am no photographer but I will try my best to make my photos look crisp! haha! If you happen to read this post and you know how to help me, you are so very free to comment under! :)

I want to go the PFW shows, but I chose to stay at home since I have tons of work loads and  I am currently busy doing a special collection of fringe and patch necklaces that I handmade. I will be selling those pieces along with my new collection!

I hope you are all doing great! HAVE A NICE DAY!

LBD as top- thrifted
shorts- thrifted
belt- thrifted
stockings- SM Dept. store
leopard heels- c/o Ava
ring- Quiapo
turban- random


  1. Denise you look FABULOUS! I am loving those heels! WOW! Those shorts are super cute with that black top and matching tights! Kiah

  2. i absolutely LOOOOOOVE this outfit! such poise!! :) check out my blog for some +vibes & happiness!XOX

  3. Love the shoes and those shorts too! Great styling by the way. Pus the head piece is is quite interesting too :) Have a nice week!


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