Monday, May 16, 2011


Went to the Mall of Asia with my family! If  most of you attended the PFW, I chose not to and be with my family instead! It's so nice to bond with my family! And since Marise is with me that day, comfort yet stylish dressing is a must! So I chose to wear this red+brown+black combo to our family bonding! 

In as much as I want to avoid wearing leggings because of the scorching heat, I just can't since I cannot wear too short dresses alone. I can wear sleeveless but not too short dresses especially that, I cannot imagine myself running after Marise with my short dresses flying everywhere haha!

PS: New collection will be up really SOON! Teaser ads will be launched in the coming days! Plus, watch-out for the fringe and fabric necklace collection handmade by me! Masakit mag twist ng chains but it's enjoying! 

I am off to the bathroom now for my third bath! Oh geesh! So hot! :)

red striped shirt dress- random brand
leggings- Landmark
red oxfords- gift from hubby
brown vest- Fievre


  1. i know it is super hot these days! I heyteeet! lol! But it's always nice to have a reason to wear a skirt to work =)

  2. Denise I love your striped top. Super cute and those leggings are fabulous! You have the prettiest hair! Thank you for your comment. Kiah

  3. very nice striped top! And love the red shoes very much, very cute! :)


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