Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am wide awake as early as 4am everyday of my life since I started working and blogging. And it's an advantage to me since my job right now is in american timezone. I need to wake-up at 4am to chat with my boss and deal with bloggers. I get used in that kind of set-up.

Every morning happens in the same routine, but went different the other day when hubby and I decided to have an early outfit shoot at PICC. We were supposed to claim the package first, which my boss from USA sent to me, but apparently the customs manager of the Manila Post office was not yet around at 8am to dispose to us the box. So while waiting for him, we went to PICC for breakfast and photo shoot. 

Shooting in the morning is a lot better than shooting in the afternoon. The sun's heat is more bearable than it is during 1pm onwards. Count to it the vitamin e you could get from the early sunshine ( if there's still haha!) 

Plus no people yet is strolling around that early, which is good since you will not be bothered to pose and emote in the center of the parking area. haha!

I love also the early heat since it is not that too hot compared to the heat when it's already 12 noon. Swear your make-up will not melt that horrible! haha!

And oh by the way, let me show you one of the fringe and fabric necklaces I handmade that will be sold in my shop too! What do you think of it?
And for hubby's outfit...
tada! I so love how confident he pose! He poses way better than I do! He will comment to me, "O mag-emote ka naman! Ibang pose naman lagi na lang yan"  He's so supportive to me! haha! 

Lastly, before we let Cannona (the dlsr camera) to rest in her case, we had our photo together! We set the camera in timer mode! Yon lang ang layo ng shot but we look so cute pa rin! haha!
THANKS HUBBY FOR THE WONDERFUL DAY! I am excited on our next shoot! :)

denim polo- random brand
shorts- Landmark
flats- Divisoria
fringe necklace- handmade necklace from Simone's Closet
bag- from Paris


  1. i love the fringe necklace! great work!

  2. love the look of a necklace over a button down - i actually did a post on it a while back - too cute xx

  3. Very pretty:)

  4. Denise I super love the fringe necklace! I hope I dont miss out on this when you release it in your shop! =)


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