Saturday, May 21, 2011


For the longest time (2 years I guess) that I have been searching thrift stores for the perfect minnetonka boots, still I haven't found the one. I haven't seen sold any in the malls. I wish there are shops who sells this kind of boots coz I am dying to have one. HEHE!

So while searching over google for the perfect minnetonka boots, here's a pair that caught my attention: 

Tramper customized suede Minnetonka ankle boots 

from the OUTNET.COM

It's on sale but still it's way beyond my budget and I am not patient enough to wait three weeks or more before it will be shipped to me haha! So yeah, still looking for local shops who sell this kind of boots.

On the other hand, I am dreaming of these boho/hippie look from chictiopia that I wanted to try once I got my minnetonka boots.

I just love how she looks like in this photo. So much of a boho energy coming-out of her. Plus I love her braided head wrap. I wonder if it's really her hair or just faux. 

These two photos are so lovely! This lady has practiced the art of boho dressing so perfectly! I love how she mixed her polka-dotted tights with her floral dress and cape. I so love love love her looks!
I wish I could always dress-up like this, but given the warm climate here in the country, then I guess I will be dreaming of these looks for a long time yet.

SO IF YOU COULD HELP ME FIND MY FIRST MINNETONKA BOOTS then I will be the happiest girl in  the universe!haha!

PS: To whoever said that later at 6pm is the end of the world,  all I could say is, even you no matter how intelligent you are, still doesn't know when it will happen. Only God knows. Let's pray instead and hope for the best! HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND! :)


  1. I love chictopia! Those boots are cute but look like they'd be hard to find.


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