Friday, May 20, 2011


So this is the first item I wore on the bunch of clothes Ann sent me the other day! I just love the combination of yellow and black it reminds me of bees hence the title haha!

I love the way this cropped blazer fits me. It was like a custom-made for me. I will definitely wear this again! The fabric is not too think nor too thin, just right to give warm but not to over to make you feel hot. You can still wear it even though Mr. Sun is mightily shining like there's no tomorrow! Oh Mr. Ozone layer where are you?

Anyway got to go now I need to cook breakfast first then I am off to Trinoma to buy some stuffs and then head back home to finish my job and do my fringe necklace collection! I hope you all are really having a good day!:)

blazer- from Ann
necklace- Quiapo
bangles- Landmark
shoes- c/o Ava
shorts- random brand


  1. I heart! ^^ So happy u like them Denise! ^^

  2. That is one beautiful blazer, dear :) and I love your shoes!!

    - Che

  3. Denise your makeup is so pretty in these pictures! You look lovely! Kiah


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