Friday, April 22, 2011


Several days ago when mom and Marise and I went to the mall for another bonding again. We passed by a children's parlor, and I have decided to have Marise's first haircut! Apparently, Marise went cranky knowing that the hairdresser is a guy. Well a tip, she hates old men except for my father of course. So for the entire 10 minutes of haircutting, I was holding her hands while she was terribly crying. And that explains why I have no photo of her while on the process of chopping her untangled hair haha! 

Sorry also for the blurry photos, I brought my handy digicam but the battery is dead so boo! haha! I had to rely on my phone's camera. Good thing my C3 phone has nice image quality. 

Then after the drama on the salon, we went to Landmark for some window shopping. I got three tops which  costs me for P700 only! Will blog about it on the coming days. Plus hubby surprised me with a pair of earrings which is my current fave now, will also show you that too on the coming posts.

Today is already Black Friday, let's reflect and pray on this day. I am not on a vacation mood right now because I still have work today, but then working at home is like having a vacation as well. Hubby  and I are planning to have some out-of-town vacations, I hope we will be able to find a good location. So there you go, I hope you are all doing great this Holy week. Thank you so much for the comments you left for my DOWN THE RAILWAY POST. Thanks for all the wonderful words. Cheers to more outdoor outfit shots! :)

breton shirt- Cosmopolitan
pants- divisoria
flats- SoFab
bag-c/o Ava

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  1. Awe...Marise looks so cute! How much is P700 in American $


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