Friday, April 8, 2011


I went to RAW SCHOOL once again last Wednesday held at Solaris One Building at the PJB conference room. It was our third to the last session. It' was been a while since the last class so I really missed our class last Wednesday.
Don't you love PJB's facade? I am so in love with it that I can't afford not to have a photo there.
 I decided to wear something relaxed and stylish for that night. So I wore a colorful top from Simone's Closet, dark pants and my wedges. I love how perfectly stylish and comfy my outfit that night. And thank God I wore something thick, because the I was freezing the entire night, lameg sa conference room.
Excu\se the bathroom background, but I need to do something to kill the sleepy monster in me. The class ended at nearly 10pm and usually I sleep at 9pm so yeah, I had a trip to the pretty restroom and and wake myself by taking pictures.
As I was watching the entire IRON CREATIVES II, the defense, judging and all, I realized how I really love advertising. I am really wishing one day to work in PJB or Saatchi, learn from the masters, and hopefully launch a strong career in advertising. But then I also realized how hard competition there is in this industry, and is no joke to just walk to agencies, face the Executive Creative Director, and apply as a copywriter. I worked for a small agency, yet my experience wasn't good but I am still hoping one day to be given another chance to work again in the advertising industry. My lifestyle right now, would somehow suffer if in case I enter again advertising. The industry is demanding and I know a lot of relationships will be affected because of the frequent OTs, out of town trips, and of course mood swings caused by this tricky job. I am not losing my doors to possibilities but I felt I needed to learn more. I wouldn't want to blend with thousands of applicants in the industry. I want my own identity. 
Right now, all I feel is happy for my Raw School classmates who are lucky to be working in multinational ad agencies, I am sure they are being trained well there, and experience still is the best asset a person will ever have than the pay-check he will receive.

I am glad I still have my own path now. I am blessed to be given a chance to work with a prestigious international brand of lingerie. I may not be working at an advertising agency, but I know I am getting the experience and learning a lot from what's keeping me busy this year. It is hard to work as a creative director, copywriter, blogger, and graphic artist in one, but I realized how enjoying it is. I just wish someday my boss will give me a chance to work at their US office. Hehe! 
I am thankful for my home-based job because I get to have more time with my baby and family, my business and with myself. I am planning to venture to a new business but I have to think and save more for it. If you are already a mom like me, you would rather choose to work and stay at home so you can be with your family while earning money. It is more convenient this way. For me, family is important above anything else. I can exchange partying, socializing, attending to events for my family.  I know you somehow felt weird about my thoughts, but I know when the time comes you'll be at my shoes, I know you'll feel the same way too. 

I hope I didn't get you bored with this post hehe! :)

PS:  My 30th COllection: Nolita will be up tomorrow at 9AM! See you there!


  1. cute outfit <3 lovely bag and gorgeous bag!!

  2. I love the top, dear! Awesome shoes too! Btw, too bad you can't come tomorrow. Next time, then! :-)

  3. Cute shoes Denise! =)

    btw, i already have the photos in hand.. will send them to you sometime this week =) sorry it's taking a while.



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