Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What a great way to begin the week than to spend it with your friends over a nice dinner! And what's more is that we recruited a new member in our gang! If before we are only three (me, Cheena, and Joann) now we are four! Marise. my cute little baby, joined the gang!

Spent our Monday afternoon at Greenbelt 3 taking pictures, laughing, window shopping, and of course, eating. But before we headed to the resto for dinner, here are the few photos we have before night time came.

I chose to wear something nautical-ish, and comfy at the same time, because of the reason (that I think most of you know if you are a reader) that I have to be armed and ready in case Marise get to run like there's no tomorrow! haha!
my fasyyoooon friends!:)
my fasyoon baby!

After pigging-out at Banana Leaf, we decided to have a short walk to get rid of the sleepy feeling  when you are fullhaha! And we didn't let the moment to pass without taking photos, of course!

O san ka pa! Sa araw na yan natutong mag-pose ala fasyon blogger ang baby ko! Cross-leg and arms on waist posing courtesy of my two fasyon friends! haha! Pwedeng maging fashion blogger ang baby ko! haha!

And for her outfit that day: Her favorite top from SM, and her favorite jeggings from Gingersnaps!:)
sorry for the messy hair. She's getting hyper, an effect of eating too much chocolates! haha!
And finally a solo outfit photo of mine! Thanks Joann for this! :)

striped top- NY Square
blazer- thrifted
oxfords- Archive Clothing
bag- bought from Ava
bangle- Girlshoppe


  1. you guys are looking great! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. aww you guys look awesome and cute!:)


    Blogged about Nolita! :)

    You guys are cute btw :>

  4. cutie patotieee your daughter :D


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