Friday, April 15, 2011


One of the things you don't know about me is that, I was a nerd. Hitting books only and have no social life at all. I look totally different way back in high school days (will share some photos to you all soon!haha) I was not fasyon then either! All I could ever afford of wearing is a pair of jeans and a baby tee paired with rubber shoes.  My long straight hair now was before an ear-length chunky bob with frizzy strands. I can say I've totally changed.

I was always the TOP1 of our class and I was so conscious of my grades most of the time. I was like, thinking that life is all about grades. But then, as I entered college, I realized life is neither within the books and within the four corners of the classroom, and nor measured by what grades you are getting. I started to come-out of my shell, and began discovering things I really love. And that is all because, I met hubby at that time. He taught me to embrace the real me and leave inhibitions. He showed me how beautiful I am inside and out.

I will never forget the days I was a nerd and once, a wall flower. I was so envious of my girl classmates then, because they have their own dates on our JS Prom, unlike me, who has none but myself. I thought I wouldn't have a boyfriend at all. But look at me, God has not given me a boyfriend alone, but a loving family instead. 

It's nice to look back on your past because it helps you to become someone in the present time. I thank those moments that I was lost in space, because it helped me find the real me. CHANGE IS GOOD AS LONG AS ITS FOR THE BETTER. 


PS: I was so tired yesterday hunting different ukay shops in  the metro. Thank God hubby was with me the whole day! :) Yey for my sold-out 30TH COLLECTION and to my up-coming 31st! :) Photo-shoot mode on the coming weeks! :)

yellow dress as top- thrifted
cardigan- thrifted
skirt- thrifted
brooch- random
bag- SM
wedges- Parisian


  1. Your hair is so beautiful! I love this outfit. The yellow shirt is so cute with that plaid printed skirt. Kiah

  2. thank you Kiah! got my email? :)

  3. Your so cute! Love your blog.

    Follow me,

  4. Hey! I'm a new follower of your and I just wanted to tell you that you have such cute style, happy I found you.


  5. oh wow i love this preppy look denise! super love it!

  6. I love those wedges and that skirt! You are so pretty btw! =)

    Great blog, I'm officially following! <33



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