Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hi everyone! How's your day? Well mine is quite busy this week. I have tons of work stuffs to accomplish, and a new role to embrace. I am challenged by my job but I find it so interesting!

Working at home kinda makes me miss wearing work outfits. So In the future posts you'll see me in different work outfits I wish I could wear. hehe! I work at home so I  am mostly wearing my PJs haha!

I found this bunny ears head wrap at Landmark, Trinoma, and I fell in love with its cutesy polka dot print. I got it for P25!!! Love it! I like how it's easy to wear, just wrap it around your head, twist it and there ya go! After typing this post, I need to finish my performance's a sign, pay day is coming! hehe! But yeah, I am still on a shopping ban, so nothing to be excited about! haha!

I am off to an ukay shopping with hubby for my shop!

blue Georgette dress- thrifted
blazer- thrifted
belt- Landmark
satchel- c/o Ava
wedges- Parisian
bunny ears head wrap- Landmark


  1. cute shoes! :)


  2. the bag doesn't match, though.. i think.

  3. @ Anna: thanks dear1 :)
    @mera: welcome to my blog! That blazer is thrifted :)
    @Nix: it's a cheaper version of JC hehe
    @rah: I think it matches naman, well thank you for sharing your opinion! :)


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