Monday, March 28, 2011


 Hubby and I spent an ordinary day bonding with our little girl by letting her swim in her cute little pool. Summer is here and Marise is really enjoying the heat while floating and swimming in her lovely pool! I just love the color combinations in these photos! You can really see the bright sun beaming towards her. She even had tan lines at her back haha!!!

See the C2 bottle floating on the pool?  She loves drinking it to quench her thirst! Then she'll look at me and say, "The best about life! " Now she knows how to memorize product taglines haha


  1. Aww so so adorable! I used to love these little pools as a kid. (:

    Uyy ingat lang sa C2 ha.. sgrabe sugar nun, baka masobrahan si little Marise. (;

  2. hahahaha! so funny about the C2 tagline...hehehe. :D so cute naman! now why didn't i have a mini-pool as a kid? buhu.

    ps. Our stock for this month is almost depleted..but for sure, I'll contact you for our May stocks. :D e-mail me please...about what you need, how we're going to transact and everything...hehe. it's

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. aww cute! wish athan had something like this :)


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