Thursday, February 3, 2011


Every week, I spend one day with my mother and my daughter for some bonding time. I treat them dinner everytime we go out and buy them stuffs too. Then we will never leave the mall without my lovely daughter playing around Tots and Toys. She just love how big and spacious the area is, plus the uncrowded place which allows her to play freely without having to fight with the other kids just to take turns with the toys. She loves the grocery area wherein she pretends to be a cashier. Then when she got tired of punching all the groceries and counting the money, she will divert to a little carpenter. She will pretend fixing and painting the wood. I just love how she enjoys her playtime moment! I guess She's now ready to go to school.

As for my mother, she just wanted a happy meal with us and a pair of slipper everytime we go out. She loves flip-flops so much! I guess she collects them! haha! For myself. I bought a classic black pumps from Parisian Jr.! I remember I commented on Alexa's blog about finding the right classic black pumps! And here it is Alexa! It fits so well and you can walk with it a little longer but I don't suggest wearing it when you plan to walk in Makati haha! And because I am a lover of flats I bought a pair that's on sale! I love the bow details so chic right?

We ended our bonding night with a delicious meal from Jollibee! haha, well when my daughter requests dinner, my mother and I cannot refuse her so even though we're pretty much looking forward to eating oriental dish, we just have to stick with the kiddie meals of Jollibee! Haha! My favorite...burger steak! Yum!

PS: My outfit is basically simple and comfy as I wanted to move freely when I go out with my daughter. Mind you, in just a snap, she's gone somewhere else! She's just so fast! :)

And I am wearing the Anagon fringe necklace again! I love how it compliments my fairy-like dress haha!

Tomorrow is the release of my SWEET COMEBACK Collection! Don't forget to add Simone's Closet on facebook and our multiply account too! See you at 8pm!

purple dress- Cosmopolitan
fringe necklace- Anagon
leggings- Divisoria
flats- Divisoria
bracelets- random


  1. ^^ Fierce ang pumps! ^^ by any chance---have you seen if it comes in gray/silver? I need one kc for bridesmaid duties, ^^

  2. @ ann: True the pumps are so fierce! And you know I got it for P999.75 only! The pumps come in nude ,studded, and choco brown only. :)

  3. That's a really lovely tradition to have; it makes me miss my mom and little sister so much! Ahh. (: and yes, ganda nga ng pumps in fairness!

  4. @ bestie: Aww, I know you used to go bonding sessions with your mom and lil sis, nabasa ko sa mga previous blog posts mo. Don't worry they miss you more, and for sure the next time you'll see each other, bonggang bonding yun!:)

  5. The necklace indeed compliments your top!


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