Monday, January 3, 2011


I am like a rosebud. I am still asleep but ready to wake the world.
 I am like a rosebud. I am delicate yet extraordinary.
I am like a rosebud. I am a mystery bound to open. 
I am a rosebud who's about to bloom from gloom.

HAVE A HAPPY DAY AHEAD! Back to office again, what would I wear later? Think...think...think

PS: I am so happy to have reached 101 followers! Thank you so much to all of my readers! I am so happy to read all of your comments!:)

floral top- mom's
pants- thrifted
bag- Landmark Trinoma
necklace- handmade
bracelet- gifted


  1. I love your corsets, looks good. Bili ka pa ng maraming ganun :)

  2. Love the top and shoes, denise!:) happy new year to you!

  3. that's a pretty top! and i love the striped bag! :)

    Happy New Year Denise!


  4. the floral top is gorgeous! and nice poem(?)! haha :)

  5. @rah thanks for the compliment and yes I am lovign corset belts!:) i think you should get one for your gf. :)
    @kaylyn: thanks for liking my shoes and bag!
    @happy new year to you too ava! I am so happy to see your comment always!:)
    @readytobeextraordinary: thanks Mickey! I have been through your blog and I think it's awesome!Love how wearable all of your outfits are:)
    @hazel: haha thanks!that is really a poem,a short poem
    @temi: hey there! thanks for dropping by my blog! I hope to see you here more often!:)


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