Saturday, January 1, 2011


I was so happy to spent one night with my KYODO family. Though I don't drink, I still enjoyed the moment with them. All I did was to eat and sip juice, and tease them whenever they look tipsy. 

And I guess they somewhat hated me for taking stolen shots of them. Hahaha!

 I wore that day the blue dress I wore on my previous post. Paired it with my over-sized grey cardi for some warmth.

It was so much a fun night with them! I wish to have more bonding sessions with them!And now for my outfit shot. (kahit madilim I tried my best to take a photo of my outfit for the day).

PS: Thanks to all the ladies who gives time reading my blog! I hope to meet you all in the future! And yay for the 99 followers! I wonder who will be my 100th follower? :)

blue dress- Tomato
cardigan- thrifted
flats- Jessica
necklace- from supplier


  1. Happy New Year, Denise! I have availed of the Gold Dot GC already. Will blog about it when I get it in the mail. I got myself a couple of rings instead of a pair shoes. Thank you! :)

  2. @claud wow that's so nice! tell me when you blog about it ok?:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!:)


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