Friday, January 7, 2011


So this is what I wore on the first day of the year on my job. I really can't get over with the fabulous animal print on this comfy harem pants! I am so loving this pants to bits! I swear I can wear this everyday (so it means I need to buy 6 more?kidding!).

Anyway, you have seen this pants on my previous post, but this time I wore it on a business casual mood. To tame a bit the animalistic appeal of this gorge harem pants, I threw in a plain tailored black blazer and black flats to balance the look. As much I would like to wear my pumps, I didn't choose to since it's hard to ride on a tricycle wearing heels. But then again, I think I rocked this look without my heels on. Watcha think?:)

PS: I am still suffering from this painful throat!  I can't utter just a word. :( Saaaddd...

harem pants- Tomato
tanktop- G. Gozum
flats- Landmark, Trinoma
bangles- random


  1. Ooh great trousers! You wore them well -- very office-appropriate! (:

  2. aww get well soon, denise! and I am loving those trousers!!:)

  3. oh my denise the pants look so good on you! ang ganda ng style and print! :)

  4. hi denise! yup, my shoes were Php979 lang :D i made a new post about it, haha! anyway, i hope you get well soon! fern-c lang katapat niyan! :)


  5. I've never been comfortable wearing animal print pants.
    I'm scared I might not be able to pull it off.
    But my, you're rockin the whole ensemble! :-)

    oh btw, i am now a follower on bloglovin!


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