Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey dear readers! Here's another cute installment of my look-a-like segment with my cutest baby ever! In this post we are braving the cutesy polka-dot print and the sunny trend of straw hat!Let the photos do the talking!

How lovely our shots eh? My baby is so game in this photoshoot! She's just a professional model haha! Not a single tantrums in her head! Her outfit is a polka-dot dress from Landmark Trinoma, a gift from my brother. Her shoes from SM Department Store, and the hat is from SM too! I so love how she dons this entire outfit when we went to the mass last December 31, 2010. She got lots of stare and smiles because of this cute outfit! She's adorable in her own way!

OMG my fever flourished and though I am sick, works need to be done. So please fever go away now, and you too itchy throat!:)

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polka-dot dress-thrifted
wedges-Parisian Jr.
hat-SM Department Store
sling bag- Vintage


  1. ang cute cute ng baby mo :) Hihihi, someday, I'm sure magiging fashion guru din siya just like mom! :)

    ganda ng lighting ng pics, keep it up.

  2. cute :) your baby is a natural :) the youngest blogger evah! haha

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. You guys are so cute! Matching outfits. :P

    Though personally, I'm not really a fan of polkadots but they look good on you! :d

  4. super cute and i can't believe she's rockin it like a pro! model to be! :D i hope you get well soon!


  5. super cute niyo, denise!!:) Loving your shoes! thank you also for sponsoring my blog give away!!:)

  6. super cutie!!! :D
    i love polka to death and the print looks doubly adorable on both of you.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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