Friday, December 3, 2010


To catch-up with the week that I haven't posted my ukay item of the week, here's another ukay find I got recently from my favorite ukay shop. Meet my newly-thrifted vintage floral blazer!

Since Christmas season brings cold weather, I am in search of blazers to keep me warm. Two weeks ago when I went thrift shopping, surprisingly, I saw this fab blazer. I tried it on and it fits me well so I hurriedly paid for it before someone gets it on my hand. I got it for only P20! Amazing right?! I so love it's vintage floral prints and its yellow buttons. Plus the cut and the fitting is just right!

How about you, what keeps you warm during cold weather?

PS: I am feeling low with my job right now, I wanna quit already. The environment in the office is killing me. I hate this feeling. To quit or not to quit? *sigh*

Black leggings- greenhills
brown top- thrifted
vintage blazer- thrifted
flats- Parisian
belt- thrifted
accessories- handmade and from Quiapo


  1. what a pretty jacket you have there...and i can't believe that's just for 20pesos. Talk about thrift shopping!!!

  2. sweeeeet blazer! it would match with any outfit.

  3. Your a Certified Talented Thrifter. Following your blog. Hope you could return the favor.


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