Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is what I wore weeks when I visited The Collective before the bazaar last November 20, 2010. These photos were almost forgotten but yeah they're still here. I saw these yesterday when I was cleaning my camera's memory card. 

I am so happy to finally got to have a photo on a graffiti wall. I am so inlove with graffiti, they are so creative and colorful. The meeting that day lasted for about 30minutes or so, that's why me and Maris went to search all over the place and have some outfit shots. Then we ate our dinner at Amber's in Makati (forgot the exact location). 

PS: I am still suffering from a "no-talk moment" since yesterday because of my uber painful blisters inside my mouth! Gawd, I need some painkillers. 

If you have time maybe you want to check-out Vedette Shapewear's blog for some shapewear shopping!

Have a nice day!

green top- thrifted
olive green skirt- thrifted
belt- thrifted
scarf- thrifted
flats- parisian
bag- parisian


  1. nice, those are thrifted? nice finds! :D

  2. had a picture at the graffiti wall too!:) cool shot!

  3. I love graffiti walls, too! Hey, I love your blog! I was able to browse through your entries right now. Pretty outfits!


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