Monday, December 20, 2010


I am nearly done with my Chrisrtmas shopping, maybe two more rounds and I am set to give gifts to relatives.  I shopped for myself yesterday, and got two fab and gorgeous items from Tomato! Plus they gave me a free planner too! Will post you photos soon!

Right now  I wanted to kill! I f only this wireless router is alive, I would have probably killed him! Internet connection sucks because of the Domain Name Server problem! Can anyone of you knows how to deal with this thing? I cannot tolerate this anymore! I have tons of things to  do and I badly need internet!

Anyway, I am so happy with the turn-out of our company's Christmas party last weekend! Everybody enjoyed and laughed all through-out with the games and raffle prizes! Speaking of raffle prizes, I just won the grand prize raffle that day! A trip to boracay with hotel accomodations! Hahaha! How would I enjoy if the ticket is only one? Ugh, I am now thinking, "what's the sense of winning the grand prize if I will be going alone to Boracay?" HAHAHA! Funny! Maybe I just have to sell the ticket!


  1. Hope you get that internet connection fixed! Love your dress. And the hat is so cute1 I really like your shoes :)

    Love & Labels

  2. this outfit rocks!love the floral dress.

  3. you can always get plane fare on sale :-)
    you look hawt, btw.

  4. cute styling!!! love the green cover up & the dress


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