Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have been looking for a denim maxi skirt for months now, and I am happy to say that I finally got one from my favorite ukay shop! It's kinda pricey when I got it because it belongs to the new arrival collection, still very worth it! I love its color and the fit is great! I love the garterized waist, since I can adjust it if I feel so bloated haha!

I wore it along with my mom's floral top and camel corset belt! I am so happy with the combination! When I wore this outfit to work, I even got an instant stalker from the taxi driver who brought me to office that morning! Scary! Or is he just attracted to me because of my outfit? Haha! but nonetheless being stalked is frightening! I was so lucky he has stopped stalking me.

Floral top- mom
denim maxi skirt- thrifted
belt- SM Dept. store
shoes- divisoria
accessories- Quiapo


  1. Very nice. Florals and browns always work well with denim. (:

  2. really love maxi skirts on you denise!:)


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