Wednesday, December 1, 2010







I got this fab top for P180 at Landmark Trinoma, the other sunday me and my family bought a new sofa. I was so happy that it's cheap yet the quality is great and the cloth is comfy and soft.

November has been a hiatus month for me, but I do hope as December comes everything will blossom. I hope this month will be a lucky month for me, as I am tired of being stressed and pressured all the time.

My wish this Christmas: May I have a happy and fruitful life with my family. Plus a stronger business! And never-ending supporters and shoppers!

New collection will about to come so please do watch-out for it. I am still on the photo shoot mode. It really takes time but I am sure the wait is worth it.

PS: Need to sleep a bit, my throat is aching and the blister inside my mouth is terrible! Saadd:(

royal blue top- Landmark Trinoma
floral skirt- thrifted
belt- from my supplier
sandals- So Fab
accessories- Quiapo


  1. i'm loving the blouse. we should go to trinoma and shop one of these days! <3

  2. woooow, you have such long, fabulous hair!!

    feel better soon, Denise! :)

    boat ride through the sky

  3. @Bella Donna: yeah right let's go some shopping! Wee dpat pretty tyo sa XMas party nten haha!

    @melai: aw thans melai! sakit sakit ng singaw ko:(

    @gela: thanks gela! and thanks for dropping by my blog!:)

  4. I'm feeling the same thing with my throat..but sore talaga.. :| get well soon, denise! love the outfit!

  5. @ava: thanks!:) ang sakit sakit ng singaw ko huhu

  6. I found another Filipina! Yay! I was born in the Philippines but I've been living in NZ for more than 10 years now. This outfit is gorgeous on you! Recessionista! Hahaha


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