Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I know my post for this evetn is super kaduper late! But yeah, as I always say, "Better late than never!" I enjoyed all the preparations of the bazaar, and did all of the necessary things to make my first ever bazaar succesful! 

I love how organized the bazaar was, though I am not that happy of the sales turn-out that day. Few people came by and so it means few sales. But then again I enjoyed the day with my fellow bloggers Melai, Marise, Ava (who brought her whole family for support) Aisa, Ana, Nori, Arianne, Alex (who brought along her sister who bought a top from my shop), and for my sister-in-law and bestfriend who passed by for some chika mode.

Though the area is exhausted and so humid, and though I was so tired and sweaty, I didn't feel bad at all, because my hobby along with his uncle picked me up and helped me pack-up.

To all those who supported and bought from my shop, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope to see you in my future bazaars!

And to Ms. Nicole of Soule Phenomenon, thank you so much for purchasing a blazer from my shop! If you happen to see this post, I wanna see your photos wearing the blazer, and I will feature here in my blog! To Ms. Kookie Buhain who recognized me that night though, I look disgusting, and smelly, thank you so much! You even made a beso-beso  to me kahit na pawis na pawis na ako at haggardness! I was so star-struck the moment that I saw you! I wanna have a photo with you pa nga but then, I was shy kasi I feel so ugly hehe! It was so nice to meet you!:)

PS: New collection coming soon!:) And if you are wondering where's my outfit shot during the bazaar, well, I didn't have one, for I was so haggardness that day.



  1. too bad i was also in tipid mode haha i was eyeing on a blazer as well =p i think nicole already has a photo at her blog? loved your cute booth at the bazaar!

  2. Congrats to us Denise! :) It was a fun day!:)

  3. I wish I can join you girls next time! I was supposed to go kaso I was up all night the previous night in a swimming party with my officemates e XD


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