Thursday, November 4, 2010


Back  then I realized wearing trouser is not for me. I thought it fits only to those who are not-so-girly gals, unlike me. But when I stumbled upon this military-inspired trouser at my favorite ukay store, I told myself it's  about time to try other stuffs. And so I grabbed this pair from the rack and paid for only P50! 

And right then and there, I started loving this one, and it's so comfy and fashionable, just the same way I covet leggings. And just because the crave for high-waisted baggy pants is still lingering me, I went to ukay shopping again, for another fab pair(will show you ladies once I wore them). There are a lot of styles in my mind that I can do with this one! Can wait to wear this trouser again! I am so deeply in-love with versatile pieces!

PS: New collection coming-up on my store! But first, I wanna ask for your help ladies, if you could help me clean-up my previous collections. Just take a look at my GOSSIP and SALE album for more fab clothes on sale!:) Bye  for now, I am off to work!:)

military top- online find
trousers- thrifted
wedges- SM
accessories- Quiapo and gifted


  1. Awesome find! :) And urghhh i think i need to buy new shoes from Parisian sooon! :)

  2. Awesome possum. Ive been looking for harems in ukays and I never find the perfect one! Youre sucha pro!! :) Whick ukay stores do you frequent? :)

  3. those harem pants look awesome on you, love the cut and fit!

  4. looove the trousers! they fit you so well!!

  5. Wow you're so pretty! I love your hair!

    - kat

    P.s - following you na!

  6. This is such a great look!
    Love the shoes & how you accessorized

    XO Veronica
    my passion for fashion blog

  7. haha, ang gulo ng office natin! :)


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