Tuesday, October 19, 2010


 One cappuccino please! Well yeah, that's what my dear officemate teased me the day I wore this outfit to work. He said I look like a waitress, or a lady who's about to win a trophy in a billiard championship game. Duh! Funny right? I can't help but laugh with him too upon hearing what he said.

I realized then, that most Filipinos have the sense of humor. They are slapstick in a way, but ended-up naturally funny. I once remembered that "Laughter is the best medicine." I think it works for me in some circumstances, like, when I have a headache, it all went through when I start to laugh at something (of course I won't laugh alone, people might think I am crazy).

And so moving on about my outfit...I never imagined I looked like a waitress or something. All I did was just to randomly pick any pieces I could put together, and whoala! An outfit already!But I think my outfit minus the ribbon is so boring, that's why I pinned this silver ribbon right at the middle of my chest. I think I pulled-off this outfit well, despite of my officemate's weird comments.

How about you what is the most surprising or the weirdest comment you got from someone regarding your outfit?:)

bf polo- thrifted
studded vest- divisoria
leggings- SM
shoes- B clun
ribbon- from my ruined headband
accessories- Quiapo


  1. haha you look great despite the teasing! :D

  2. hi denise! this is a really cute outfit! love the bf polo and love that you added the bow. anyway, i get similar remarks too from other people, like when i go to school in a dress some of my classmates would ask me "where's the party?" or when i wear cute shoes or heels they'll say "san ang punta?".. i used to get pissed and feel discouraged but i got used to it and eventually they did too. hehe..

    oh, and bout the photos of me wearing the brogues.. i'll email them to you once i come up with different ideas on how to wear them. thanks again for hosting the giveaway. ^_^

  3. I think you rocked that outfit! When people laugh with you is priceless ;)
    I didn't get any funny comments for my last outfit but as soon as I wore it I remembered that I once read that white thighs were for little girls only. Yeah, right! Whatever they say goes through one ear and out the other, hehehe,
    Have a lovely Tuesday!


  4. haha! but i like this so much denise! you look so stylish! love the pinned ribbon! :)

  5. Ang cute mo kaya!: ) Hihi! I also always get the teasing from my friends when i channel my inner hippieness hahaha..but a good laugh is always the best! :)

  6. Love your outfit! The blouse is definetely favourite!!



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