Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Finally, my store's upcoming collection! Watch-out for it tomorrow at 8am!October 21, 2010!:)
I am so happy to put-up a mini studio in my room, only that, the background and the flooring is covered with newspaper. I think it's cute! I still have to put some rods for me to be able to put cloth as my background.

As of now, I am busy with work, with my schooling at night, with my store, and with my upcoming project! It's so hard to look for a trustworthy supplier...I hope everything will be fine. HAVE A HAPPY RAINY DAY!:)

PS: Don't you just love my new fedora hat?It fits me well, I am so loving it to bits!:) THANKS to SM department store!:)


  1. I love that fedora hat! Looks good on you! :)

  2. oh your fedora hat looks delightful on you! i super covet your sandals too!

  3. love this outfit on you! the fedora looks great with the whole outfit!

  4. the newspaper background is just genuis!!! hey good luck on ur shop! X


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