Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi ladies! It's been a while since my last entry.I was busy dealing with some personal stuffs, though things are not coming as I am hoping, I still am looking forward that things will fall into their places.

Last week my hubby surprised me with a new camera! Wee I am so thankful for having a loving husband like him! I tried how the camera works, and so the evidences are here...

As you can see I wore my mustard yellow dress. I like it's vintage feel and it's peter pan collar. I got this dress at a thrift store last year. And gawd it's one of my versatile dresses ever! 

You've seen me wearing this dress a couple of times already, but still I don't lack ways on how to style it.
This time I styled it very vintagey. I pulled my hair at the back then put a magenta shade lipstick. 
To complete the look, I borrowed my brother's bow tie and put it underneath my collar. I love how this dress gives me a certain feeling of nostalgia!
And as you can see my newly-bought wedges is a perfect pair with my outfit! I got this at SM Department store for only P699!   

Oh my this is what I like about thrift shopping, you will find numerous pretty finds at a very cheap price! :) I am excited to go thrift shopping again!:)

PS: See you ladies tomorrow at the Accessorize event!:) And oh please don't forget to visit my new collection! Click my store's badge at the left to go there!:)

mustard yellow dress- thrifted
belt- thrifted
bow tie- from my brother bought at F&H
stockings- SM
wedges- Parisian


  1. That's a very pretty dress, nice touch of the bowtie :)

    And I'll be at the Accessorize event tomorrow! See you Denise! :)

  2. i love parisian shoes!:) might check SM for new wedges! and your outfit is SO love :) and might I say you look Very GORGE with your hair up!

  3. Yey for a new camera denise :) Your hubby surely knows what to give you :) Pretty outfit! The dress is perfect for you! See you in the accessorize event!

    Melai of Style and Soul


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