Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am excited so much to play with my new new Canon EOS 1000D. It's so much fun playing dress-up while taking your own photo inside your room. But apparently, I still cannot bring my camera outside, for my hubby worries so much that it might get lost or it might be snatched or something. Well, you cannot blame him for we all know how dangerous it is outside, as soon as you step out of your house. And so, I always have with me my point-and-shoot camera, for emergency pictorials or sudden outfit shots. 

As for yesterday, this is what I wore to office...
After so long, I got to wear again my shredded DIY stockings.
My officemate was kind enough to teach me some poses, but as you can see I am too shy to do HIS poses. I am confident posing in front of my camera and tripod. hehe
This stocking really made EVERYBODY who saw this, raise their eyebrows or their lips stretch because they were all very fascinated or should I say, they were intrigued with my weird leg accessory. I don't care, this is what I feel like wearing!haha!
And of course, my funny pose courtesy of my wicked officemate! Peace!:)

See you later at the Accessorize event!:) Please do support my newest collection! Visit my store for more!:)

Grey dress- thrifted
shredded stockings- DIY
yellow shoes- from supplier
belt- thrifted
accessories- Quiapo


  1. i really really love that creative diy stockings denise :)

  2. great photos from your new camera ! :) keep it coming :)


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