Thursday, October 7, 2010


It was another fun, inspiring, and interesting session again with last night's Raw School after three weeks of vacation. It was a night with full of new inspiring and funny tips that according to the speakers, are effective if applied to our work as early as now.

I was happy to see the classic tandem of Mr. and Mrs. Mon and Abby Jimenez, our speakers of the night. I could not imagine that though they were old for cracking jokes, still they both managed to make us laugh the whole night(I guess they really are natural comediennes).

I listened to their presentation from intro to closing remarks, all I could say is, the best! The topic was all about concept team. If you are working in the advertising industry, you would be probably aware that,concept teams are comprised of an art director and a copywriter.They shared to us how they maintained their good concept team relationship, and how these tips could help us.

Well,I can probably apply this the moment I find my art director because currently, the advertising agency I work for doesn't have any art director, even a creative director! Imagine how heavy my task is, considering that I only work with my graphic artist and his craft is all about graphics and editing images and stuff.It leaves me nothing but to juggle all the works of an art director, a copywriter, and a creative director! It's an adventure but honestly, it's really difficult. I really cannot imagine seeing myself working for another year in this agency. Ugh!

Enough of my sentiments. Anyway, we won last night as one of the best campaigns of the night for La Consolacion College of Manila. It's really worth all the pain!I hope we'll be able to advance again on the Iron Creatives II.

Speaking of how I look during overtime at the office in preparation for our homeworks in Raw School, here's how I look...

As I am always saying, black gives me power. So I tend to wear black during brainstorming for it helps me to think more creatively.

And because I was so busy doing so many things the night before Raw School session, I tied my hair in ponytail. How do I look?:)

PS: To all the winners of the Gold Dot GCs I will e-mail the GCs to you!:)
To Jed, your brogues was shipped already according to the owner of Shoeology, so anytime you will receive it na!Yey!:)

Black cape- thrifted
black dress underneath the cape- thrifted
floral leggings- SM
studded shoes- Divisoria
accessories- Quiapo and handmade


  1. I love the look! You look beautiful with your hair up! :) Thanks for letting me know about Raw school.

  2. Love the look Hon. You still manage to look gorgeous in spite of your busy schedule.

    By the way, I have a flea market in Makati. You might want to rent a space.

  3. Great tights lady!

  4. I hope things will be better for you in the agency. :) you look great in your power outfit :D

  5. wow, i love your tights, they look so unique! great ponytail too :)

    p.s to answer your question, I'm using a nikon d3000 :)

    xo, cherie

  6. you look good in black denise! love your cape and dress! anyway, i got the shoes na yesterday. hehe.. thank you so much! =D

  7. You look good in a ponytail! I think this is the first time I saw you in a ponytail since I started following you. So I find it new and fresh. Suits you well. :)

    Thank you for the Gold Dot GC. :)


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