Friday, October 15, 2010


Since the Ultimate Vanity Fair event, I was really looking forward to have another blogger event, for I am so excited to bond again with my blogger/friends, and hopefully to meet new ones.

And so Ana invited me to this event! From that day she sent me the invitation, all I did is to wait for that day, for I know when we meet again, we will have a blast!:)

Maris, my dear officemate/friend tagged along with me to the event, but before that, I changed my outfit in her house, for we came for a bazaar meeting with Melai early in the afternoon.

We were so lucky to came just in time for the event.
First pair of blogger/friends we saw that night is Bestie and Alex, who both wore a nautical top.

Class picture: AnaKrissyAva, Me, Alex, Maris, Bestie

Then the event started with their models strutting the latest collections from different brands such as:Accessorize7 for all mankindVans,Boboli, American Rag CieSalsa, and Elite Manila.

With Ana (above photo), I just love her vintage floral jumpsuit from her mom.With sexy Ava(photo below). I love her simple, neat and classic outfit! And her love!

Lots of cosmetic products from ELITE.

With Yani whom I adore her thrifted black blazer. Tin Iglesias, whom I met for the first time. I love her slashed loose top!
Class picture again this time with Aisa the lady in sparkling gold dress and blue-green heels.

With Krissy. I love her digicam with make-up effect!:)

After our endless pictorials, and laughing trips, we searched around the area and took photos of the featured products inside. 

With Ms. Monica(above photo) from Accessorize. I love her purple outfit. Sorry for the funny face. haha! I just actually said "thank you!" to Ava, when the camera caught me. With Aisa(below photo) She's so funny to death! And I like her heels and sparkling golden dress, so chic!
With Ms. Ayet of M2 Fashion, and Maris.

With Melai,who came late, but still caught the crowd because of her outstanding black and white outfit.

Of course the event wouldn't be complete without freebies! I so so love them all!:) Thank you organizers! I hope you will invite us again!:)

The night ended when my dear hubby and his uncle fetch us(Me, Maris and Krissy) at the A.Venue, and treated us dinner at Yellow Cab and a free ride home! I love you hubby!:) Thanks Tito Billy you are so cool and supportive!

Thank you to all my dear blogger/friends: Maris, Melai, Bestie, Ana, Ava, Krissy, Aisa, Alex, and to Tin,and Yani, and not to forget Mich, and sister of Ana (I forgot her name sorry hehe) Until our next adventure!:)Photobucket
grey embellished dress- thrifted
belt- divisoria
wedges- Parisian Jr.
accessories- handmade
bag-c/o Maris


  1. really pretty dress that night, denise! wish i could have met your hubby! hehe our blog boyfriends would have been complete!=D hehe. Till our next event and more hopefully!

  2. I agree with Ava, your dress is so pretty, and I can't believe it's thrifted ;) Thank you again Denise! I promise I'll treat you the next time we get together :)

  3. You look gorgeous!!! I love your dress so much!!!

  4. Nice post! You ladies are so beautiful!

    BTW, you are rocking that dress, and those shoes, don't even get me started on those! Love the outfit!

  5. @ava aww thank you! I hope ny hubby will be present na sa susunod na event hehe!:)
    @krissy the dress is from ukay, nice right? sure til we meet again krissy!
    @efrillagman aww thanks dear!I only bought that dress for P180!:)

  6. @pinky thanks for dropping by my blog! I hope to meet you soon on future events! my wedges are from SM and the dress is thrifted!:)


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