Friday, September 10, 2010


And so my title holds truth to what I felt when I wore again this black skirt the other day.
I have been wearing pants and leggings for the past weeks, well I guess because of the cold weather. But one day, when I felt Mr. Sun is up again, I decided to wear my skirt.

I paired it with my snake-skin greyish top, along with my metallic bib necklace.

Then wore my cute suede metallic flats that I got from Divisoria. This is the most comfortable
flats I have ever worn! Swear!:)

As you can see the sun is really up that day. While I was posing for this shot, I can't help but
close my eyes, due to the strong rays of sun.

If you're wondering who's car is this? It's mine...kidding! It's my boss's. :)

PS: Giveaway is fast approaching!I swear you will like them!:) Thanks in
advance for my sponsors!:)

Grey snake-skin top- from supplier
black skirt- thrifted
black shoes- Divisoria
bib necklace- Quiapo
Smile under the heat- PRICELESS:)


  1. wow, your style is so unique and you're really pretty!
    i love this outfit!!
    i also like wearing skirts, but well, that's the minus with them, can't wear them in cold weather unfortunately.T.T

  2. Nice skirt denise I love it. but wait I'll text you of my sched (I dont exactly have one, haha) na lang :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. This is really nice dear. Love the pairing. (:

  4. Hi Denise,thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

    I love skirts too but with the weather nowadays, i gt confused with what to wear. hahaha. Love your Divi buy.I bought these tie-up booties last month there and I love em!:D We should go to Divi sometime together. :) hehehe.

  5. i love love love this outfit on you denise! love your skirt, shirt, necklace and shoes!!! parehas tayo na di masyado nag-hiheels. :))

  6. @Shelly- Awww thanks for the compliment! Yeah skirts are not wearable on cold season, except when you wear thick tights and socks. :)

    @Melai- Oh sure dear!Pls do text me, wag lang wednesday,araw ng pagahahatol yun hehe!

    @Bestie- Wow Bestie thanks for dropping by my blog!It's so nice to see a comment from you!:)

    @Velire- let's save some moolah for our Divisoria trip!hehe

    @Scarlet- aww so sweet! And yeah di talaga ako pala-heels, hirap magcommute, unless I am wearing a wedge,pede pa :)


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