Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm still raw, or in Filipino "hilaw". Non-literally means, I have more yet to learn and to improve.
Working in a very challenging yet exciting world of advertising, pushes me to improve and discover more things, and be confident all the time even though under pressure.(I guess an ad man should have a thick skin, and tons of confidence 'coz if not you'll faint in front of the scariest Creative Directors when they threw your masterpiece straight to the trash bin!).

I joined CREATIVE GUILD RAW SCHOOL of 2010 because I know I have more things to know,and more tricks to formulate. On the 15th of September, me along with my partner, will face the biggest names in the advertising industry,as we prove to them we are worthy of being part of THE IRON CREATIVES TEAM!

Who wouldn't be scared right? :)

As days are coming near our long-awaited (should I say long-feared) day, I wonder how will I feel if I happen to ran-out of creative juices? Or if I shiver in nervousness, and faint in front of them? Oh well, it's a matter of "always giving your best" so if in case I fail, I had fought the fight...the BEST FIGHT. I am not expecting anything, for I feel like I have already won, just the fact we were included on the top 5 our class, and on the IRON CREATIVES TEAM. :)

WIN OR LOSE, for us, we are the best Iron Creatives Team!:)

Let's talk about my outfit. I wore this top several times, but now, I paired it with my wide tomato belt with studs for an edgier look, then wore my black leggings to compliment its black hue.

I so love this thrifted butterlfy top, and I am thinking of more ways how to wear it.
Do you have any suggestions?:)

I am planning to go thrift shopping today, I felt like UKAY SHOPS are calling me to dig-in on their lovely pieces. hehehe!

A stolen shot, by my officemate. I was about to fall on that pose. :)

Did you notice anything? I had my bangs trimmed, because I can't see clearly anymore:)

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Butterfly chiffon top- thrifted
black leggings- greenhills
plastic shoes- SM
Belt- tomato
accessories- Quiapo


  1. That's the spirit! But still, good luck! :)

  2. the print on your shirt is nice, and I like how you paired it with a belt. Lovely outfit!

  3. beautiful drapery on that dress!!

    +++enter my giveaway!

  4. Love your outfit! lovely blog :)


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