Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I felt like wearing floral "something" yesterday, and I saw my mom's over-sized tee with the perfect floral print. I borrowed it from her, and paired it with my forever favorite...leggings. I cinched the top with my wide belt, and put on my knitted bolero for a little warmth.

Pardon the funny face, I laughed because a car who passed by us, stopped and stared on what we are doing. Weird!

Nothing so spectacular happened yesterday, but instead I had a very precious day. First, I just had a chance of chatting with Bestie via Facebook, and OMG, I discovered how humble and kind person she is.She's funny and approachable. I really admire her and I am hoping one day, we'll have some meet-and-greet.

Secondly, I spent dinner with my baby Marise at the mall, and only last night that I saw her ate so much! She is not the type of kid who ate plenty because she is so "choosy" when it comes to food. It was only last night that I saw her really enjoyed eating, well maybe because she got so hungry running around The Little Playroom.

Floral top-mom's
leggings- greenhills
knitted bolero- gift from hubby
shoes- SM
Belt- Tomato


  1. I super love florals! :) You look great denise ... love the outdoor photos :)

  2. hi denise!!i love ur bangs this way,=)

  3. Hi denise :) You look lovely :) Great floral top! Your mom's?? No way! Haha. :) Stay pretty. Looking forward to our long-awaited collab haha :)

    Melai of Style and Soul


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