Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I so love the combination of khakis and blues, it gives me a certain feeling of "time- travel" back to the past. I feel like I am in the vintage era(I don't know why). Whenever I shop at ukay-ukay, I always look for the dress section and look for a nice vintage dress in navy blue. I actually have found two in my favorite ukay shops and I must say, up to now, they are my favorites. Right now what I am craving for is a pair of brown and white oxford flats, and a black charrol oxford heels! I have been scouting every shoe stores in our local malls, but sad to say up to now, I still haven't found the perfect pairs. Can you suggest shops where there are lots of oxford shoes to choose from, that are affordable yet stylish and comfortable?:)

PS: Thanks to all those who greeted my little baby for her 2nd birthday last August 9. I really appreciate all your greetings!:)

Navy blue dress- thrifted
khaki vest- thrifted
yellow shoes- from my supplier
big rings-from Quiapo
chinese bracelets- gift from dad


  1. ang cute! i wish the vest could be more tight. Parang cassette type. then maybe u can pair it up with a super high heels.

  2. I like the khaki and blue together. :)

  3. I love the shoes... =) I think a pretty belt works for the dress too.. =)

  4. The vest and the dress go well together. Good job!

  5. @Rah Yeah I tightened the vest after the photoshoot kasi bumaba na yung kinain ko for breakfast! kaya yun so pde ng sikipan hehe!

    I don't have any high heels except for my Parisian Wedge and my Rusty Lopez black pumps.I don't usually wear high- heels to work since I commute all the way to the office. :)

    @Ann thanks dear!

    @T they are now my favorite colors!

    @Claud thanks for dropping by my site!:)

  6. those sandals are great!

  7. yeah the combination is pretty awesome

    i like your oxfords , i want one too but in Malaysia its so hard to find one or maybe i am not looking hard enough for it :(


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