Thursday, August 12, 2010


If I were to live in my dream,I would want it perfect. But life itself has given us so much limitations and hindrances to stop us from living the way we wanted to be. There's no such thing as perfect,but there is such thing as living life to the fullest-that is,living, facing,and embracing the reality. I have been living on this earth for 22 years and I am proud to say that I don't have a perfect life, but a life lived to the fullest. I live each day as if it is my last, so at the end of it I will have no regrets of doing things I should have done. I came about a point in my life that I'd rather be living in my perfect dream rather than having a close encounter on the harsh reality. But I stayed firm and face it to my fullest efforts. I said to my self I'd rather be living in a life of hardships rather than living in a perfect life where everything is a lie.

PS: Sorry for the dramatic entry, just so happened that something turns up slightly bad.Don't worry everything is under control! BTW, have you seen the news last night about the demolition in New Manila QC? Watch it HERE

The said squatters area is very very near our office. In fact right now while typing this post, a lot of media is in front of our office, lots of SWAT and police. And I can hear lots of screams, bomb explosions and sounds of riot! I feel like I am in Afghanistan or Iraq. If you will see the area where Former Senator Teofisto Guingona and the media men are standing while the Philbox are exploding is actually right infront of our office. When we heard the loud explosion, we all ran away from the gate and hide somewhere. After the explosion, Former Senator Guingona was rushed inside our office along with his bodyguards to secure him. We offered them help right away, we're glad that no body from them was hurt. We also got a close look at Atom Araullo and I can say he's cute. Anyway back to topic,I am so sad and hurting upon seeing families, especially babies crying as they see their houses falling down. I hope the government will provide them a decent place to live in so they can start again. They still deserve to live their lives to the fullest.

I don't have a camera yesterday since I am taking my outfit shots at home before work, so that explains why I don't have pictures of Mr. Guingona and Atom Araullo,but I think my officemates have photos, I will try to grab copies.

Then again, another battle within the day.

Polka dot dress- Esprit
Black Skirt-thrifted
red shoes- B club
red bag- from Australis gift from dad
red headband-greenhills
red bangles- from PUP


  1. what do you think is your biggest hardship?

  2. i have been living for 24 years and life is not easy either

    its tough girl bt like you say live everyday to the fullest :)

    as a child i used to live in my own world haha now as an adult sometimes i find it happier dreaming than living in reality

    i love your outfit polka dots and red totally a good combination

    hope u 'll have a happy weekend

  3. lovely outfit, love the shoes and bag!!
    visit, comment or hopefully follow!

  4. love your shoes and skirt denise! :)


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