Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday could be one of the worst days of the entire Philippine History. It was a very sad and humiliating day for us Filipinos after the tragic hostage drama ended last night; leaving dead bodies of innocent tourists. I have known the news only when I got home. I thought that it was not a big news after all, for it would end up shortly, but hey I was wrong, the hostage taker is really serious of his deed. I would not re-tell the story for I know everybody watched the news. I would just like to share how I feel right now... I am so sad and scared of what had happened, and I feel so humiliated for our country. I just wish no more instances like this will happen again.

The moral of the story, your bad drama will cause you karma. (and so the hostage taker ended his life without getting what he wants...sayang lumaban nalang sana siya ng patas... sa malinis na paraan.)

Black tee-thrifted
black belt- F & H
Black leggings- greenhills
navy blue blazer- thrifted
accessories- Quiapo


  1. i so agree with you denise. truly a sad occurrence for our country. anyhoo, love your tan flats and belt! oh and lovely header!:)

  2. @ Scarlet April: aw thanks dear!You know what I always read your posts and I like the way you dress. you're so pretty!:)

  3. cute outfit girl ! the bangs look adorable on you too

    xx lue

  4. agree

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