Sunday, August 22, 2010


I so love boho outfits. It lets me feel so in the vintage circa, and I like how comfy vintage pieces are. Just like when I got this dress at the thrift store, I fell in love with it and thought that this will be a great boho piece... pretty, very boho and comfy to wear. But I thought of selling this one (and is now on my latest collection please visit my store) because a lot of girls are requesting me to look for a boho dress, and I think this is the perfect one. You can get this one at my store if you want to.

Thanks to all those who bid and buy on my ANNIVERSARY COLLECTIONS. On its first day of release yesterday, it was a hit, and a lot of bids are still coming! Hope to see more bids on the following days. Help me spread the word about my latest collections! Have a nice day!:)


  1. I like your outfit..and you look so cute! :]

    PS: Love your new header girl! <3

    Lee []

  2. Your collections are really nice denise! :)

  3. This is absolutely Adorable and Definitely Boho Chic!

  4. I love the look.... Going boho makes you feel like you are free to play with the colors and your personality is trying to match it... And the photo looks vintage too... =)

  5. aahh yes.. very boho indeed!!! love this! :D you look so gorgeous!

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