Monday, July 5, 2010


All these pictures were taken last July3 one day after my birthday. Well, My hubby and me were supposed to watch ECLIPSE but unfortunately we ended up buying a bag because of terrible long lines of people who are craving and excited just like me, to watch eclipse. I was supposed to buy a pair of new shoes aside from the bag but every style I get has no size for me. My shoe size is 8 or 7 or 9 depending on the style. May be I'll get back to other SM Malls to buy than tan ribboned flats I was eyeing for. We ate at Goldilocks because hobby wants Filipino food so much and Sansrival cake. We bought home a whole round sansrival cake and forgot to take pictures of it because of our excitement to eat it. That explains why no pictures of food here. :)

When we got home I had cam- whoring moments with my lovely and smart baby girl who like wearing sunglasses indoors (I dunno hwhy, maybe pa-hollywood effect haha) And she's wearing that red sando her tatay bought for her at H &M Paris that says: I LOOK JUST LIKE DADDY! Oh so sweet!

Red dress- from Secret Paris
black blazer- thrifted
black studded flats- divisoria
red sling bag- Australia
black ring and earrings- Quiapo


  1. It's nice looking at ur pics.

  2. Denise! We have similar flats. :) Where is your supplier located? Is friday a good day?

    BTW, you look lovely in red! I do hope you have more more bdays to come with your hubby! Happy na bday pa! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul


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