Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yesterday was Friday, and it meant that, that will be my last day of wearing "my outfits" Saturday is intended for wearing super casual outfits, let's say a pair of tailored jeans plus a white shirt, or a tank top worn under a cardigan. I always like am going back to my college days whenever Saturday comes. Ever since then, I love wearing black. During my pregnancy days, I am always in black.

Yesterday also, is a black day. Meaning rainy day. Very gloomy. The surrounding is dark that you can tell at 4pm that it's already 6pm. I hope I'll see Mr. Sun again next week, especially that I'll be going on a thrift challenge on Monday, since it's holiday and no office work! I am preparing for the relaunch of my store. New layouts, new items, lot's o' surprises! That's why I am kinda busy.

Grey tank top with sequins- landmark
black liquid leggings- bought online
black gladiator sandals- boutique find
black blazer- thrifted
black rings- quiapo


  1. Wow, nice outfit sis!!!I love black=)

  2. Heyhey! I come with great news. Haha. I found Oxford flats at Janilyn.


    Price: P995.

    Hope you find a pair in your local Janilyn. :)


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